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Maximizing Reimbursements through Chargemaster Optimization

To ensure that you get the most out of your chargemaster, be sure to give it top priority. When it comes to the billing and coding procedures, Meddifi acknowledges the significance of the chargemaster. Performing frequent analyses and keeping it up to date is very necessary to maximize compensation for your clinic. Meddifi is committed to optimizing the income generated by your practice by ensuring that your chargemaster appropriately represents the value of the services you provide and by negotiating favorable fee schedules. Allow us to help you maximize reimbursements and improve your financial performance so that you do not lose out on possible money.

Our method for carrying out the process

  • Charge Optimization: It's important to make sure you're charging an appropriate amount for your services to maximize reimbursement. Our analysts conduct thorough Chargemaster Reviews to evaluate the alignment of your charges with payor reimbursement rates. Through the process of aligning codes with fee schedules and regularly updating your system charges, we guarantee that your practice charges will accurately reflect the true value of your services.
  • Utilization Analysis : We analyze your utilization report and examine the top 20-50 codes for your practice. We then map these codes to all the available fee schedules. This enables us to assess the accuracy of your chargemaster in reflecting the reimbursements from payors. We can help you with updating your system charges and loading fee schedules into your practice management system. This will make it easier for you to track and compare charges.
  • Contract Negotiation Expertise: Our Contract Discussion services offer valuable guidance on determining the right moment to revisit fee schedules. Through regular contract reviews and reimbursement analyses, we help you avoid financial losses caused by overlooking contract details. By partnering with us, you can expect a significant return on investment as we assist you in achieving the highest possible reimbursements.

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