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Your Partner in Payor Contracting and Reimbursement Optimization

Meddifi is here to assist you in optimizing reimbursements by getting in-network with Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial payors. In the current healthcare environment, every dollar matters, and Meddifi is here to help you maximize payments.As a result of enhanced payor contracts and more favorable terms, your practice will be in a better position to compete and prosper, especially in an environment when reimbursements are decreasing. Entrust Meddifi with the responsibility of guiding you through the intricate process of payor contracting, so guaranteeing that you get the most possible return on investment for your services.

  • Understanding the Challenges: In today's regulatory environment and with the government's push for lower fees, practices are encountering major obstacles in sustaining profitability. In today's challenging contracting environment, it is crucial to regularly monitor contracts to ensure optimal reimbursement.
  • Negotiation Expertise: Effective negotiation is essential for enhancing reimbursements, but it can require significant resources for practice. Meddifi handles all aspects of payor contracting, including initial contract management, future contract review, reimbursement analysis, and renegotiation.

Our process includes

  • Evaluating the existing reimbursements in comparison to the fee schedules.
  • Evaluating the overall weighted averages of healthcare plans
  • Suggesting changes to health plan contracts.
  • Creating a compelling letter to showcase the advantages of your services to payors.
  • Getting ready for contract negotiation and establishing realistic objectives.
  • Support and Advocacy: Meddifi supports your practice by advocating for more favorable contract terms.
  • We recognize the significance of ensuring consistent patient care and collaborating with payors to ensure that you remain within the network, reducing interruptions and maximizing your income.

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