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Your Solution to Practice Management Challenges

Are you experiencing difficulties with managing the revenue cycle and struggling to find the right administrator for your practice? Meddifi provides Interim Practice Management Services to help alleviate the difficulties you may be facing and improve the effectiveness of your practice's operations. We are here to provide you with reliable and comprehensive solutions, whether you require practice management staffing for a short-term or long-term duration. Let us help you overcome the challenges of managing your practice, allowing you to focus on delivering top-notch treatment to your patients.

  • Relief from Administrative Burden: Meddifi's team is here to assist you in reducing the administrative workload that comes with managing a practice. Our team of experts is available to assist with various tasks such as front office management, revenue cycles and billing processes, and launching new practices.
  • Temporary Practice Management Expertise: We offer both temporary practice management and on-demand supervision to groups in need of expert support. Challenges such as management changes, loss of key staff members, or implementation of new software can have an impact on the quality of care and your financial performance. Our dedicated strategy for overseeing revenue cycle management enhances cash collections.
  • Seamless Support: Our support is designed to be smooth and uninterrupted, assisting from beginning to end. By harnessing the power of modern technology, we can complete 99% of our work remotely, guaranteeing streamlined operations for your practice. Every interaction starts with understanding your unique requirements and implementing customized solutions to enhance your practice's operations and financial performance.

Challenges We Help You Overcome

  • EMR Transition: Our Project Managers are experts in implementing and converting to new Electronic Medical Records, helping to overcome the difficulties associated with outdated systems.
  • Charge Master Review: Our Analysts perform comprehensive evaluations of your Charge Master to guarantee precise evaluation and enhancement of your service charges.
  • Billing Optimization: Our team of auditors thoroughly examines charts to assess the efficiency of your billing process. Additionally, our skilled medical billers are dedicated to filing claims promptly and accurately, guaranteeing that you receive the appropriate reimbursement.
  • Addressing Management Turnover: Our team of experienced Senior Consultants step in as interim management to minimize the effects of management turnover on your practice's cash flow.

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